Where to find slingbox id

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Restore password. Ask a new question Search. If Jaksta Recorder for Slingbox is giving you connection errors, here are a few things to check: Make sure that you are not currently connected to the Slingbox via SlingPlayer or the Slingbox. There can only be one connection open at a time.

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Double-check that you are using the correct Sling ID and password. To find your Slingbox ID go to Sling support and log in. Sometimes a firewall or security software can block the connection.

Jaksta must use a TCP connection to your Slingbox. If you hook up your digital cable box and your DVD player to a single Slingbox, you can switch between them at the click of a button on your virtual remote control.

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Slingbox Support Site Feedback

You should check for the latest firmware updates before using your Slingbox. The Slingbox is actually a pretty straightforward machine. The main components involved in slinging your video signal are:. To access the stream from your Slingbox via the Internet as opposed to your home network , you tell the Sling Media server to find it for you.

Every Slingbox has a Finder ID that's stored on your computer. When you change the channel using your virtual remote, the command travels to your Slingbox just like any other Internet command -- as upstream data intended for a particular IP address. Because the video stream is downstream data, and remote commands are upstream data, the video travels faster than the commands.

Registering Your Slingbox

You may experience a delayed response when you click a button on your virtual remote.