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One thing I am not? A quitter. This does not end with them taking our hard earned money. For what? This is so frustrating and disappointing. We trusted them when we signed up and it has been a nightmare. I have been on the phone since early this morning. My time total spent on-hold has been about 2.

Who has this kind of time? How are we to be heard? Why is this allowed to continue? I am dealing with the same issue. I asked if he could call me back in 3 month, gave me some nonsense on how in order for him to call me back he needs my consent even tho i had asked him to stop calling me yet he called almost daily. After i agreed for him to call me back he used that as me agreeing to the contract and started charging me 3 months later with no phone call like we agreed upon.

Does anyone know if a voice recording is an actual binding contract even when they refuse to prove it? Hi Justin! We would recommend speaking with a lawyer to see if a voice recording is a legally binding contract. We are in a very similar situation to some of the last commenters. After asking them how they got our business name and info surprise: Google! Are they editing voice recordings?? Will this work, do you think? Hi Rose — you are not the first person to tell us this. The registered letter may not work.

You may need to speak to a lawyer. So YP contacted me offering to put me at the top of the local search. Blah blah blah. Not one call. Until I see results. Hi Brock! Another commenter here is working on a possible lawsuit. I will put the two of you in touch. YP did the same auto renewal crap with me even though I told the Sales Rep that I did not want to continue to advertise with them.

I have used their services for over 10 years with no great return on my investment. I called YP when I received a bill from them with much surprise since I said NO and they said that my Sales Rep no longer works for them and that the contract is binding. Please connect me with anyone that has had success fighting this rip off company. This is not how customers should be treated. They tell me I had verbally agreed to a new contract extension. The collections guy I spoke with told me there was nothing conclusive about my recorded agreement so it was going to a higher contract monitoring dept.

I thought he was giving me options and we were discussing them initially a few months ago. No where was I informed my conversion or our discussion was legally binding. Making matters worse is that most of the companies in my category above me mississauga decks I doubt are paying anything. Top website has no details and is deleted. They have no customers, that is why the big adverts lately for companies to join Yellow Pages free.

I would like to contribute money if you would like to get some adwords going on this article you wrote. There must be more people in this situation. This was thankfully the only article I found. Comforting in a strange way to read these other similar comments in a way. This is really terrible business for such a high profile company.

Why A YP or Hibu Website Is A Bad Idea For Your Businesses

I had no idea who I was dealing with! They were different last year and the years before that. Allow my contact info to anyone with ideas to fight this. Thank you all so much! Thank you for sharing your story.

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I immediately thought it was a scam. Should we be expected some BS like has been mentioned here already? Thanks for sharing your YP experience here. I really hope that you and your client are able to avoid the expense and frustration that the rest of the crew here has had to deal with. Good stuff right here Dana. YP is seriously the worst.

How do you deal with a potential client with a YP site? Just wait until the contract expires, or go ahead and make them another site? Would be great to hear how you handle it. With a very comprehensive migration strategy, and yes usually after a contract is over. Thanks for the reply. Also, my client was confused, thinking the call was related to my work.

Advertising with them for a year with little to no noticeable results. At renewal time we were aggressively lured into a renewal and upgraded package with promises of more traffic to our web site. Disputing with customer service on several occasions saying that we agreed to something which in fact we did not; saying that they had recorded verbal proof of a commitment to them and there was no getting out of another annual contract. Very unprofessional company. Avoid like the plague. This group at YP are a complete joke.

I would like to know how you get out of this contract. I have had this business for 15 years and everyone knows the. No where on there recording does it say anything about the contract would this be renewed. I can not even get a straight answer of when the contract started. Is there more people out there that would like to go public on these jokers. Thanks D. Well thank you very much for a well written article.

Using the information from the OP and all the people submitting comments, I was able to very effectively put YP in their place. Just one letter is all it took. No fuss or fight from them. Compliance in less than 48 hours. Good luck to all!

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Thanks for the feedback! YP entered me into a verbal contract. I called them to cancel and they sent me a recording stating that i agreed to a 1 year contract. I called their claim dept and same thing. Did anybody go public or have a lawsuit that i can join in? Every time they send me a bill, I send it right back to them. Perhaps that would help? Hi, I was looking to get more information on this. I am also in a 1 year verbal agreement and have reached out to them several time to no avail. I need advice! Hi there, We are at the beginning stages of this process.

Can anyone provide a letter that they used successfully? Hi Dana, thanks for your blog. I am so ticked off right now.

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As a small service company with no real website experience and zero budget to hire someone, we got suckered by yellow pages. It ended up ok in the end. Handled the ph change and a lady in the office put a website together and did her own SEO and we are now getting times more web responses. We learned a very valuable lesson. Thanks for your comment, Amy! I recently sent an email regarding a major issue regarding Yellow Pages business practices to the consumer protection gov.

Was made to agree to a verbal contract over the phone even after saying I wanted to have them send me a email stating what I would get. Was told I would get 30 or more calls from this advertising. Told them I felt under extreme pressure as a new business owner to work with them and told them to stop calling many again over 30 times. I was in a meeting with a client and strapped for time when I got the final call and felt under duress when I finally said yes but wanted to see what I would get first.

Subsequently they have taken me to collects and and again harassing my company with 5 calls a day. Hi Chris! Unfortunately, many of the commenters here have had a very similar experience. I would recommend speaking to a lawyer or paralegal who specializes in small claims court, if possible.

We are having the same trouble with yellow pages taking something we said and putting into a verbal contract. I have been battling with them since October Anyone have any luck getting them to stop billing and cancel contract? Sorry you are experiencing YP issues, Laura!

It seems fairly rare that people are able to get out of these bizarre contracts — a few of the commenters here have tried taking legal action, to varying degrees of success. We hope you find a way to get out! I said that I would NOT be looking to purchase anything at this time and that was when he suggested that I did not have to pay anything until April 15 and would only have to pay after that if I decided to go ahead with the service.

In that respect, I agreed…basically he made it sound like I could cancel anytime before the ad was posted. He asked me what my business name would be and so on and so on….


Yellow Pages Has A Bad Case of FUD

Got an email saying my ad was going up on April 15, to my surprise. So I phoned customer service to request cancelling the ad. She told me to hold the line while she listened to my initial conversation with the sales rep. This is not only a fabrication, but a blatant lie as he made no mention of terms of conditions to me and did not request that I review them or ask if I wished to hear them.

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  • She said she would send me a copy of the recording. She again said she would listen to the conversation I had with the sales rep, got back to me 2 mins later and this time she said that the sales rep indeed mentioned the price, length, and conditions of oral contract. Absolutely a blatant lie! I told her that I was not made aware of a contract, nor the price or length of contract and that as an uninformed individual, a verbal contract was not possible. She said she would have her sales rep phone me, I declined and said I wanted the manager. She said it would take 2 business days for the manager to get back to me.

    I never received a call back. I also never received a copy of the recording that they said they would email, as well. It also should be noted that I do not own a business, they contacted me via an ad I put up on kijiji looking for side jobs. I am not licensed to do business in my jurisdiction, nor am I registered. Hello everyone. I wrote on this wall a while ago and see yp is still scamming. I was tricked in to agreeing to this contract. Their tech personal was unable to get me a recording i could open on my mac… I know right… They gave me a phone number that was not connected.

    Then after I called back the rep denied it was till she finally dialled it herself. She then told me she will leave a message and he would call me back. Still waiting now at days. They left me alone after that!!!! Until yesterday. They want to take me personally to small claims. I closed my business months ago it was a limited company. They are still advertising it. I have seen them charge many thousands of dollars for a website for a small business that is practically useless.

    You just have to educate yourself. I also own a small business myself and advertise online with YP and I do get leads from them. I can show you emails from people who have found me from yellowpages. Like I said all you need to do is educate yourself. There is a learning curve but once you have it you are good to go. Research what they are offering and then make sure you are comfortable with your decision about going forward with them with your eyes wide open. I have yet to meet a sales rep that tells the whole truth and nothing but the truth..

    I also seriously doubt that an organization that has probably been around for over a hundred years would still be in existence if all they did was scam people everyday. I have to say that I researched their new website offering and it looks very solid and certainly is very competitive in the industry. Usually in similar ways to how we see YP customers being taken advantage of!

    What Features Should a Yellow Pages Theme Have?

    How does a business that has been around for so long continue to exist if it is a scam? With threats, mostly. People feel like they have no other choice but to stick with YP. Unfortunately, all too often, this works — at least until people find each other in the comments here and work towards a joint lawsuit. Or until they start working with an agency or freelancer who understands how the Internet works now, and will ensure that your website will be sustainable into the future, without having to pay YP FOREVER.

    Hi, I never got scammed by them, but i know lots of businesses in my home town that got scamed.

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    I thought I was getting a contract to look over not agreeing to an impromptu contract immediately. Either way I asked to cancel within 30 days which I was told by them I had to cancel with in because the written terms came after to so called agreed verbal contract. So here is the thing… Yp breached my contract by a recorded verbal term.

    Sent a letter to their legal department to nullnify the agreement as a breach but I still am being billed after two months. It looks like I have no choice but take legal action. Does anyone know even who YP to send court papers even too? I think this company Yellowpages is now Federally committing corperate crimes but I cannot be sure. I can prove all of this of course.

    I got suckered into a verbal agreement for a different name then what they billed me with, after I agreed to receive information about the plan the YP rep was talking about. I have read all the comments and What happened to everyone else exactly happened to me. Brutal outfit. Only a website with a name of a potential company. It is now in a collection company hands and they call leaving messages. SO my question. If there was never a company with a registered name, limited or incorporated, and I am some voice on the phone with a name others have….

    How do they ever collect? Any thoughts from anyone? Another YP horror story with possibly a little better ending still ongoing. The letters they claim they never received. The emails they claim they never received, the voice calls, they claim they forwarded our concern to our account manager and that our account manager followed up with us and we wanted to continue our services and that they have recorded proof of this. I asked for this proof but they were unable to supply.

    They are so incredibly sneaky and deceptive in there business dealings. We finally stopped paying in May of after sending a registered letter advising them of our long hard road trying to cancel our contract. I stated in the letter that they must cease and desist all communication with us or I would take this to every news outlet at our disposal and bring in our company lawyers not sure if the lawayers could do much. I was so proud…thought I had beaten them and they were finally realising their mistakes. Come January , we receive a call from a collection company that YP hired. They pretend to be a law firm by the way but they are just a collection agency and the owner is a lawyer.

    My draw just about hit the ground. Being who I am always up for a good fight so I explained to the collection agency my attempt at cancelling my YP contract for the last 2. Waste of time that was. I had a half hour meeting with our lawyer about this situation and discovered the following. We are in B. In order to get a judgement against us they would have to sue us in small claims court in B. The lawyer also advised not to be intimidated by going to small claims court.

    The judges are usually very reasonable to reasonable people and while they are required to follow the law, if you can show your attempts at trying to cancel the contract, this will be taken into high consideration. Also they can not sue for costs over the actual debt owed. He also stated that the YP group will try and show that we have still been generating revenue as our ad is still in the YP.

    Basically at the end of the meeting he asked if I would be comfortable paying 2K to make it go away. I stayed firm and simply told her I will pay no more than 2K and that she should proceed with whatever legal action they deem necessary. Still I stayed firm on my 2K. I finally was making some headway and felt they were actually being reasonable now. That this is her absolute minimum she can accept.

    I am not kidding here. I expect to get a phone call back tomorrow about this. Sorry for the very long story. Just want you to now to not be scared by there scare tactics. Any reasonable judge that sees you made an effort to cancel will throw out their claim. Just bring in evidence of all the horror stories with people experiencing the same cancellation problems. So how it is going, is there any update on your side? I would appreciate if you provide us with any update on your case! We never agreed to renew our YP phone book advertising for this year for our company.

    Their sales rep. He called back when we were not at our business and talked to one of our employees. He never talked to us as we instructed him to. Next thing we know, we are on the hook for another year of YP phone book advertising. Advertising that we did not agree to. So we have not paid the bills and Bell YP are now threatening legal action through their collection division.

    We are not going to pay this bill as the YP rep. WOW— what a unethical, unprofessional thing to do. They are being bullies! I need help we are served with a law sued from yellow pages we are in Flori and law sued is from Georgia can someone recommend me an Attorney. I am wondering if anybody in Calgary has hired a lawyer who has successfully defended them against Yellow pages??? I down size my add in the yellow pages over this past few years and my business never lost anything. Hi guys, has anyone had any success fighting their YP contract? It seems as though we all have similar stories as far as getting tricked into a yr agreement.

    We are a small business and this contract could potentially put us under. I am a small business owner. I make less then 30 dollars a year and am currently struggling with raising a 3 month old all on my own no child support. I attempted to stop the yp contract i was unaware that it was legally binding when agreeing over the phone. I was so excited counting down the days when id no longer pay for a useless service. When i surprisingly called only to find I had been automatically renewed for the next year.

    The lady wouldnt allow me to speak to higher authority. Im so shocked and disgusted at this companies tactics. Yellow pages billed me relentlessly for an ad which they never ran. They say they will refund the payment but they never do send a cheque. Over and above this, my business has been harmed because I did not receive the advertising which I purchased.

    Do you know how I go about suing them? I am in northern Ontario. I am locked in contract with YP. They said they would give me 1 month free trial and never agreed to anything and then they started billing me dollars a month. Its locked for 12 months! Can I cancel it saying I dont have business anymore?

    Please, if anyone can share. I want to completely cancel it. Yellow Pages is organized crime treating small business as their ATM. The only contact I received from YP prior was a rep asking me to add more key words at more money. I talked to the supervisor and was told that Legal would be the next step. I asked to be handed over to Legal and she admitted that she was Legal Very revealing that customer service department is being run by the legal department.

    I have had a Collection Agency and a Law firm contact me. Then after wasting time explaining the situation to the muscle, I have YP re-start sending invoices to my email with more interest added on just a few months ago. I am not going to pay these crooks another dime. Yellowpages is a very poorly run business. They only well run part of their business is running with your money. I do not trust them. Called and was told my account was canceled only to have it auto renew and invoiced.

    The last call was being put on hold and call lasted 55 minutes, most of it was listening to awful phone music. Maybe they do not have the resources to provide customer service as their team of Twightlight Zone disconnected from reality employes have less than a clue. My guess is they put you on hold hoping you go away in frustration. I have contracted with Yellow Pages for 37 years. I am selling my business.

    How To Add A Business To Yellow Pages For Free

    The new buyer does not want to continue the contract. I can understand paying the term on the printed media, but most of this cost is for digital advertising that can be shut down theoretically at any time. How can I deal with this? You can only cancel three months prior your year contract changes. Thanks for the fruitful discussion! Did anyone deal with a situation when YP started sending you bills without your consent whatsoever?

    Neither did I agree to their contract over the phone talking to YP representative even though I received calls , nor I provided my information through YP on-line forms. I am afraid that my information is easily searchable, as I do advertise on another platform, not related to YP — and where I do pay a corresponding fee. I also noticed my company is now searchable on YP web-page. Do you advise submitting a form to remove it first?

    Do you advise ignoring YP rep calls and emails with bills? Or send YP privacy department an explanation of why I am not their customer? I subscribed to a yellow pages ad after the rep lied to me about all the benefits of advertising with them. I tried to get them to stop the add as it was actually hurting my business but they would not.

    I quit paying. What a awful, awful company. Maybe we could start a class action suit against them, I would certainly be on board. I have the same complaint as everyone else. Got suckered into a verbal contract in Yellow pages has sent me to collections for an advertising that i have never agreed to, from How do i know this because i am already way to busy to advertise and i had told them that. Now that they have ruined my small business credit score, they will NEVER EVER get money out of me, i owe them absolutely 0 dollars, i have a collection agency hounding me to which i just hang up.

    I gave a verbal agreement last January that clearly stated was for a 12 month period. That contract ended 2 days ago. I talked to them yesterday and my contract was automatically renewed. They said it was because I never gave 3 months notice. In my eyes the verbal contract was for a 12 month period and also why didnt I get a call this year for another 12 month renewal. Is there anything I can do? I really dont want to pay for 12 more months. Yes through Telus, we were surprised to know that Telus takes care of their billing, Now all we know after all the frustration, that we own that contract automatically transfers to a new owner without their consent which we never signed and asked for it.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for us. Any advise will be appreciated. Everyone should report them to CBC marketplace! If there are complaints from hundreds of people they will have to do a segment. My story: My partner agreed to 12 months over the phone and then we were told we agreed to a contract when we tried to cancel. Told them that the verbal yes for 12 months and not auto-renewal I listened to the recording. Sent a complaint to BBB. As of right now, we are stuck paying until I would gladly pay right now just to have this put to bed and know that we are through with them.

    These ppl send an advertisement saying add your location and nothing else with a name. Now they are saying I have to pay and this is not my business. The only thing they care about however is a class action lawsuit. I am already in lawsuit with them and their collection agent called JSD Management in federal court. Is there a class action lawsuit? This is insane. The services were initially fraudulent. They said I would be on top of yellow page listings.

    Which I was not. So it makes sense to get your local business information into the places people are already going to find businesses like yours, rather than simply hoping they'll find you in search results. Getting your local business' NAP Name, Address, Phone number information listed on directories, online business listing sites, and citation sites helps to improve visibility, but backlinks from these sites can also have a benefit to SEO. Here are a few things to make sure your company listing has in it once you add it to a directory:.

    There are plenty of location-specific directories and industry-specific business listing sites to which you can submit your data, but local businesses should start with the big guns and work their way toward the more niche directories. With that in mind, we've put together a list of the biggest and most important business listings sites today based on Domain Authority gathered from Moz Link Explorer in May Many of these directories are completely free.

    Making sure that you have a presence everywhere your potential customers might find you is critical to any local marketing plan. Don't wait -- add your local business to some of these business listings and directories as soon as you can. Originally published Aug 9, AM, updated July 06 Are you spending more money on your Yellow Pages ads than Internet marketing? Do more of your customers use the yellow pages than the Internet? Contact Us. Investors Investor Relations. Subscribe to Our Blog Stay up to date with the latest marketing, sales, and service tips and news.

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