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Laura J. By law, the County Clerk also files the commissions for notary public, files assumed names for businesses, issues civil union and marriage licenses and files Statement of Economic Interest.

The County Clerk maintains records and issues certificates of vital records birth certificates, civil union certificates, marriage certificates and death certificates for Ogle County. The County Clerk issues recreation licenses, liquor licenses and video gaming licenses for unincorporated areas of Ogle County. The County Clerk supervises and provides training for election judges and is responsible for monitoring and supervising all deputy voting registrars, including training seminars.

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The County Clerk administers elections of national, state and county officials within Ogle County. There are currently 52 precincts with 35, registered voters under the jurisdiction of the County Clerk. Cook County Clerk Genealogy Records. Cook County Clerk.

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Historical Cook County, Illinois vital records. This is the official website of the Cook County Clerk's office, genealogical records. Register for free to search for birth, marriage, and death records. For a fee, an image of the full record can be immediately viewed online.

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You may be able to get a copy of the marriage application by submitting a mail-in request to the Cook County Clerk's office, but unfortunately, the early Cook County applications have little or no genealogical information. For example, a s application might only include the name and address of the person who applied for the license.

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That said, if you are turning over every research stone, it would be worthwhile to to try to get the application. If the marriage license gives you the name of a pastor or priest but doesn't mention a church, try checking a city directory for the year of the marriage. If the church name isn't mentioned under the name in the alphabetical section, check the church section in the front of the directory.

If you don't find a match there, follow up with the indexes listed under the tab at the left. Arrangement Licenses are arranged by license number which means that they are in chronological order according to when they were issued.

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After , Chicago and Cook County outside the city licenses are separate within each numbers on the films. The Cook County licenses come first, followed by the Chicago licenses. Example: Cook Cook Cook Cook Note how the s begin again Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago Information generally found on these records groom's name, age and residence bride's name, age and residence date the license was issued marriage date and place name of the person who performed the ceremony Sometimes a church name is given and occasionally witness names are recorded in the bottom margin of a license.

Some licenses provide a space for a parent to sign if one of the individuals was underage.

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Search tips Although the early Cook County marriage licenses do not provide parent names, they can provide valuable clues for further research. How to Find Chicago Marriage Records. FamilySearch for Ancestry's Cook County, Illinois Marriage Indexes, seems to be a reliable index for the years Anniversary announcements Divorce records. In a Nutshell There are very few marriage records before FAQ What information is on a marriage license?

Cook County Marriage Licenses, About these records Marriage licenses were issued to a couple by the county clerk, completed and signed by the person who performed the ceremony, and then returned to the county.

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Occasionally there is a microfilmed note that says a license wasn't returned. This could indicate that the marriage never took place or that the document was never returned to the county. Neither the licenses nor the applications from this time period include parent names.

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