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Franck he began his studies on electron impact in and before his mobilization, he spent much patient work on the study and measurement of ionization potentials in various gases.

He later demonstrated the quantitative relations between the series of spectral lines and the energy losses of electrons in collision with atoms corresponding to the stationary energy states of the atoms. On his return to Berlin in , it was his first task to rebuild the Physics Institute and re-establish the School, and he worked tirelessly towards this end.

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There he was responsible for a method of separating the isotopes of neon by means of a diffusion cascade. Hertz has published many papers, alone, with Franck, and with Kloppers, on the quantitative exchange of energy between electrons and atoms, and on the measurement of ionization potentials. He also is the author of some papers concerning the separation of isotopes. They had two sons, both physicists: Dr.

His primary work was in the field of electron collision and atomic isotope separation. He entered the University of Gottingen in and graduated in from the University of Berlin. His thesis studies were on the infrared absorption of carbon dioxide in relation to pressure.

The objectives of their pact were threefold: 1 Prevent plunder of their institutes, 2 Continue their work with minimal interruption, and 3 Protect themselves from prosecution for any political acts of the past. On 27 April , Thiessen arrived at von Ardenne's institute in an armored vehicle with a major of the Soviet Army, who was also a leading Soviet chemist.

Heinrich Hertz, Scientist Who Proved Existence of Electromagnetic Waves

Barwich had been deputy to Hertz at Siemens. In his first meeting with Lavrentij Beria , von Ardenne was asked to participate in building the bomb, but von Ardenne quickly realized that participation would prohibit his repatriation to Germany, so he suggested isotope enrichment as an objective, which was agreed to.

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By the end of the s, nearly Germans were working at the institute, and they were not the total work force. In Institute A, Thiessen became leader for developing techniques for manufacturing porous barriers for isotope separation.

(1887 - 1975)

In , six German scientists, including Hertz, Thiessen, and Barwich were called in for consultation at Sverdlovsk , which was responsible for uranium enrichment. After , Hertz moved to Moscow.

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In , Hertz was awarded a Stalin Prize , second class, with Barwich. Hertz remained in the Soviet Union until From to , he was also the chairman of the Physical Society of the Deutsche Demokratische Republik GDR ; he was honorary chairman from to From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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