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Grant had encircled the fort. Pillow escaped during the night, leaving Simon B. Buckner to surrender the fort and 15, Confederate troops. The loss of Fort Donelson opened the door to Kentucky and Tennessee to Union forces and marked the beginning of the end of Confederate resistance in the west. Find Paraguay on a map of South America. This was heeded about as well as any piece of parental advice, anywhere ever.

Argentina, Brazil, and the Brazilian puppet government in Uruguay formed an alliance, and on May 1, , they declared war on Paraguay. The War of the Triple Alliance devastated Paraguay. He was killed in combat on March 1, World War I provided a forum for any number of truly horrible commanders to assert themselves.

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The inept Luigi Cadorna of Italy fought a dozen battles on the Isonzo before his army completely collapsed at Caporetto. The Western Front was a much bigger stage upon which to fail, however, and British commander Douglas Haig made the most of the opportunity. Haig had largely dismissed the effect of the machine gun on the battlefield, believing that previous Allied failures owed to something other than an impenetrable wall of lead traveling at ballistic velocity.

Thus, on July 1, , Haig ordered his men to go over the top at the First Battle of the Somme , and 20, of them had the audacity to die almost immediately there were 60, total British casualties on the first day of the attack. Having amassed roughly twice as many losses in a single day as Arthur Wellesley, 1st duke of Wellington , had suffered during the entire Peninsular War , Haig saw no reason to change tactics.

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He continued to view attrition as the most effective strategy for defeating Germany; the British lost some , men at the Somme. The next major British offensive came at Passchendaele July 31—November 6, , where Haig lost another , troops in a battle whose name became synonymous with pointless slaughter. Instead of sweeping around the French defenses in a massive flanking movement, the Germans were checked at the First Battle of the Marne.

Of course, that is what they did when Ludendorff pushed for the use of unrestricted submarine warfare against Allied shipping. The United States entered the war, forcing Ludendorff to accelerate his time line for a conclusive battle against the Allies on the Western Front. The Second Battle of the Somme was the first of a series of successful German offensives, but Ludendorff had failed to integrate these tactical victories into a broader strategic plan. Ultimately, he was denied his final showdown with the Allies by German political leaders who realized that the Americans could produce soldiers faster than Germany could produce bullets.

As the harsh terms of the Treaty of Versailles crippled Germany, Ludendorff effectively sabotaged the Weimar Republic by propagating the belief that he and his armies had been undefeated on the battlefield. He served as a National Socialist member of the German parliament before authoring a book about how humanity exists in a state of perpetual war and why that is a good thing.

Although he eventually disavowed Hitler, by that point Ludendorff had become so deeply involved with mysticism that few took him seriously. George McClellan is one of those generals who really looks great on paper. Gordon, and George Pickett. His work as an observer during the Crimean War gave him insight into the importance of logistics for an industrialized army, and years spent as the chief of engineering for the Illinois Central Railroad made him aware of the transformative nature of rail transport. Because he never wanted to face a superior force, he refused to fight.

After months of inactivity, McClellan was finally spurred to action by Pres. Abraham Lincoln.

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The resulting Peninsular Campaign April—July was a marvel of planning but something of a farce in execution. Eschewing a direct overland march to the Confederate capital of Richmond , McClellan orchestrated an impressive amphibious landing of more than , troops at Fort Monroe , at the southeast end of the peninsula between the James and York rivers. It is my firm belief that most women on dating sites are so unattractive they just don't have many options in real life so they hide behind a screen.

Or they just have too many issues. There's usually a reason why a woman would look for a man on a dating site. It's usually because she has tried to find a man in real life but couldn't. This is usually due to her appearance, or to other issues.

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The amount of time that takes depends upon the chemistry the girl has with me. Everyone is different. Not everyone does things at the same speed. You do not get paid anything just because you give me a girls name and number. You do not get paid anything just because you introduce me to a girl at Starbucks, we exchange numbers and then go out on a date that week. You do not get paid anything just because you set up a date for me to go out with a girl and she decides to have sex with me on that date. That would be considered a one night stand, that's not a relationship.

I'm not looking for sex. I'm looking for a relationship. Romance is the air I breathe, for without it I surely would die! So many people often wonder, what is the purpose of life, why are we here, what is the secret of the Universe etc.

The Worst Person In America is Its President. What The?

I know the answer to this. The answer is simple. The answer is Love. The meaning and purpose of life is nothing more than love, for a life without love would be completely meaningless and would cease to have any purpose whatsoever! Love is the only thing that truly drives me, I follow my Heart, always. I am a very unique man. I have a way of leaving lasting impressions on people the first time they meet me, they never forget me, and the more a person gets to know about me the more they realize that they have never, ever met another human being in this world like me! I like to do abstract paintings on canvas with acrylic paints.

Although it's been a few years since I've had time to paint anything, I will eventually find the time to paint again in the future. I love music. I have been playing guitar since I was 5 years old.

The Worst Person In The World Will Pay You $1,500 To Find Him A Girlfriend

I've written and recorded a lot of original songs. My favorite type of songs to write are love songs. I've also written a book of love poetry. I do wedding photography on the weekends as well as all other types of photography. And I also work another job Monday through Friday, and i also am currently working a lot of overtime.

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  • To me, North Austin looks to much like any other city, boring, lacking the "Austin" vibe, the people up there remind me a little of Dallas people, and I do not like Dallas at all. And I do not like anything at all about anything near the Rundberg area up North. There's nothing good I can say about East Austin, in fact I think East Austin is a disgrace the the great city of Austin and I wish we could eliminate that whole segment of the population from our beautiful city.

    Hopefully, that area will be filled with condos or something so that that "type" of people will be priced out of Austin and no longer be able to afford to live within our city limits here. There's very little crime in Austin, but when you do hear about crime, it's usually up North near Rundberg or Airport Blvd, or it's East Austin. I also do not support homosexuality. I think it's disgusting, and morally wrong. I think it's the trait of a defective human being.

    I am old fashioned. I am conservative. From verrucas to ingrown toenails, chiropodists make it their business to fix feet. Some overcome the smell issue with a slick of vapour rub under the nose. Brave people like Simon Allison test pet food to make sure it makes the grade before pets have to eat it. He spits it out. And chews gum afterwards. But still…. Some people would do anything to get a free ticket to a music festival. How hard can it really be? Ask the hundreds of volunteers who have to rise before the other revellers and trudge through the mud, or worse still, stick around when everyone else has left and deal with scenes like this.

    Cleaning one out.