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Also, with 20 years of experience, Hawkins is an effective negotiator when the situation requires it.

The stakes may be high, but our fees are not. Our celebrated services will deliver you the best quality representation.

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Do you have allegations of Domestic Assault or Violence jeopardizing your freedom or threatening where you live and work? We can help. We have successfully handled drug charge cases in courtrooms across the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota. You will be informed of what is going on during every phase of the process from start to finish. For serious federal or state white-collar crime or money laundering charges confronting you in Minnesota call for experienced , aggressive criminal defense representation: Eric Hawkins, P.

People charged with sex crimes are often deemed second-class, however mistaken or unfair it may be.

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We see you as you are: we strongly believe that you deserve aggressive legal representation. See how our experience in this field outshines the rest.

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The most serious of crimes to be charged with is homicide. Charges alleging child pornography are extremely serious and especially sensitive to our clients and their families. At Hawkins Law Office, P.

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About The Firm. Practice Areas. Or, avoid lengthy incarceration.

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Minnesota Criminal Lawyer Thomas Gallagher. Now is the time to begin. Time is short, but getting started is easy.

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These are some of the ways that you can benefit. You can avoid significant economic and liberty impacts that could affect you, your family and those connected to you. You know that a lot is at stake. So choose the right lawyer now — one who has done it before, and can do it again for you. Discuss your Minnesota criminal law question or ask about a consultation , up to one half-hour free, on the phone or in person.

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Personal service from a criminal defense expert: Be assured, when you retain Gallagher you get personal counsel and representation from Gallagher himself, the real deal. Gallagher Criminal Defense law office is in Uptown Minneapolis.

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But cases in greater Minnesota considered on a case-by-case basis. Gallagher Criminal Defense.

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  7. The best defense, to win your criminal case Thomas Gallagher, Minneapolis Criminal Attorney, can help.