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In the middle of the s a new law was enacted, which required those events to be recorded with the County Register of Wills, who had to send copies to a central repository in Harrisburg. Those records cover the years of to , but they are only extant for 49 counties and they are not necessarily complete for those counties. County courthouses should have copies of those records on file, and many have also been stored on microfilm at the Pennsylvania State Archives. There are indexes available, which are organized according to county name, event, and year.

The State Library of Pennsylvania, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, and Historical Society of Pennsylvania each have microfilmed copies of some of those records available. The city of Philadelphia recorded deaths and births that occurred between and In the later parts of the s other cities also recorded vital records.

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However, there are gaps in many of those records. Some of those delayed recordings go back as far as the s. Some of those records are available at the Pennsylvania State Archives. In colonial times Pennsylvania did not require marriage licenses.

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However, there were several marriage bonds issued, and some of the information for the years of to has survived. That information has been published in series 2, volume 2 by the Pennsylvania Archives. The date of the bond and the names of the parties are listed in the records. Pennsylvania Archives series 2, volumes 8 and 9 contain early marriage records from churches.

Pennsylvania, Birth Certificates, 1906-1911

However, there are many records available that can be good substitutes for those records, such as justice of the peace records, newspaper records, census records, church records, inscriptions from grave markers, and other notices. The county court of common pleas holds most records of divorces in Pennsylvania in The clerk who handles those records is usually the prothonotary.

The Statutes at Large from colonial Pennsylvania only contain records of two divorces. One was granted in Because the office s protect s the confidentiality and legality of all of its documents, all requests for information or documents for other persons are reviewed by a panel prior to release of information.


If this person is a close relative with the same name e. If the person is a social worker or friend, you will need to supply the office of vital records with a notarized letter authorizing the person to apply on your behalf. You will also need to attach some kind of picture ID for yourself e.

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The office of vital records demands an exact match of the information you supply with what is in their records. If they send you back your application stating that there is no match, consult with your parents to be sure that you have the right name, date and birthplace. Today every person, even children, is expected to have a social security number.

  • Pennsylvania, Birth Certificates, 1906-1911.
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  • About Pennsylvania, Birth Certificates, 1906-1911.

Because social security cards are so easy to forge, the government requires more proof of identity from people applying for an original or a replacement social security card. Because this proof of identity must be in the form original documents, not photocopies, most people apply for their SSN card in person. You can replace your Social Security card for free if it is lost or stolen. However, you may not need to get a replacement card. Knowing your Social Security number is what is important. You are limited to three replacement cards in a year and 10 during your lifetime.

Legal name changes and other exceptions do not count toward these limits.

Background of Pennsylvania Vital Records

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